IMPORTANT – Today’s Bike Ride With Buddy A. – IMPORTANT


** IMPORTANT – Today’s Bike Ride With Buddy A. – IMPORTANT

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
9:00 AM
Forest Park, Near the Dog Park
13900 South Harrell’s Ferry Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

There will be a bike tour of District 8, including representatives from the Mayors office and from the Complete Street Program. This will be about a 10 mile ride.

Please note, this is not a political event, or a meeting. Councilman Amaroso is hoping to show what needs to be improved with existing infrastructure for cyclists, and what needs to be added for the future.

Your input, and participation is greatly appreciated. Also if you commute in this area your input is of special importance.

In light of what has happened in Baton Rouge over the past couple of days, respectful discourse on the part of the cycling community, in spite of the fact we’re all pretty pissed off, should go a long way to further safer cycling.


Herb Sumrall, Jr.

P.S. After this ride, Lou’s Wednesday Miles group will add another 20-30 miles to the route in lieu of their normal ride.

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This Weekend: 2 Great Rides and Fall In The Felicianas Regsitration

This weekend: 2 Great Rides, and Fall In The Felicianas Registration!

In This Issue
* Weekend Rides – Saturday, August 1, 2015
* Weekend Rides – Sunday, August 2, 2015
* Rides & Events
* Last, But Not Least… Saturday, October 3, 2015 – Fall In The Felicianas!

** Weekend Rides – Saturday, August 1, 2015

Magnuson Map







(location of Magnuson Hotel in St. Francisville)

St. Francisville Ride – 8:00 AM Clip-In.

Join BRBC at the Magnuson in St. Francisville Saturday morning for an 8:00 clip in. Ride options of 34 to 45+ miles at a pace of 17 -19. Use the maps titled ‘StFrLoop-45’‘StFrLoop-34’ & which are located on the BRBC Yahoo site.

45 = Magnuson Hotel, McDonalds, Myrtles Ln, Hwy 61, Bains, Sage Hill, JVC west to 421, around to Hwy 10, the Bluffs, Powell Station Rd, back home.
34 = St. Francsiville Loop, starting from Magnuson Hotel, around McDonalds, to Commerce St, behind the Myrtles, up Hwy 61 to Bains to Sage Hill, JVC rd, Hwy 10, Hwy 965, Audubon, Powell Station Rd, and back.
45+= 14 or so additional miles optional as an out and back on Peterson.

Mike Constantin
Ride Leader

(225) 937-9157
Voice or Text


Weekend Rides – Sunday, August 2, 2015

Willow Glen








(approx. location of Entergy Willow Glen)

MS training ride at River Road and Alligator Bayou
Team IMTT is hosting this MS training ride in the Baton Rouge area. The ride starts at 8:00 at Entergy’s “Willow Glen” Facility on River Road (Hwy 75). There will be two fully stocked rest stops along the route and SAG support if needed. The distance for this ride is 36 miles.
Please see the BikeMS: Dat’s How We Roll 2015 website for further details.


Don’t Forget About Our Other Great Weekend Rides!
Saturday, August 1, 2015

Late Risers – 9:00 AM from Goodwood Park, and 9:45 AM from City Park

Lou, Myself and Others will be riding Saturday Morning from Goodwood Park at 9:00am and pass by City Park at 9:45am. Both B and C paces are available. The miles are about 35-40 miles from Goodwood Park and about 20 miles from City Park.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Come join us for the Sunday version of the Tour du Café.

Ride starts from the Broadmoor Methodist Parking lot (Molylea @ Sharp) at 11:00 for 40 miles. (We meet in the south side of the parking lot near the 2 story Adult Education Building.)

The group picks up riders at Goodwood Park at 11:30 for 30 miles.

The group picks up still more riders at the City Park Tennis Center (Perkins @ Magnolia/Broussard) at Noon for 20 miles.

This is a no drop ride with a C pace (10-15 MPH but no faster than the slowest rider). It is also known for its teachable moments, as many times less experienced riders will be able to learn from the more experienced participants. No classroom or test, but wouldn’t you like to learn how to avoid a crash, or change a flat quickly?

The group normally stops several times, including BRBeach, Farr Park trailhead, and a stop downtown for coffee or other refreshments. Last week we stopped at Hotel Indigo Grocery.


Last, But Not Least… Saturday October 3, 2015 – Fall In The Felicianas!
Registration for Fall In The Felicianas is now OPEN!
This year’s Fall In The Felicianas will take place in East Feliciana Parish, starting and finishing at the old Clinton Middle School. Bruce has done an outstanding job developing the new routes taking advantage of the repaving work the parish has recently completed.

Also, the board is pleased to announce Fall In The Felicianas will serve as the last training ride for BikeMS: Dat’s How We Roll 2015.

To register for Fall In The Felicianas click this link

Rides & Events

** Check the BRBC web site calendar for more details about the rides & events listed below.

-St. Francisville Ride
-Late Risers
-Tour du Cafe
-BikeMS: Dat’s How We Roll 2015 Training Ride

-Out-o-Town Ride
Ride Leader Needed
-Late Risers
-Tour du Cafe

-Out-o-Town Ride
Ride Leader Needed
-Late Risers
-Tour du Cafe

-Jackson Ride
-Late Risers
-Tour du Cafe

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