2nd Annual BRBC Do-It-Yourself Casual Century

It’s time for the BRBC’s 2nd Annual DIY Casual Century Ride From City Park! Last year we had 15 finishers, and many of them were century first timers. This year’s route is flat with only 1,000 feet of climbing over the 103 mile course.

Crossing Audubon Bridge - Inaugural BRBC Do-It-Yourself Casual Century
Crossing Audubon Bridge – Inaugural BRBC Do-It-Yourself Casual Century

February 21, 2015 – 8:15 A.M.
Capitol One – City Park
Tennis Center
1442 City Park Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Bruce: 225-963-8616
voice or text

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BRBC February Newsletter

BRBC February 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to an exciting new year for the BRBC!

The new board of directors has hit the ground running, and is preparing a busy calendar for 2015. One of the most notable items to happen very soon will be a course for those that want to become ride leaders for the club. Yes, I know this has been promised for the past few years, but it’s really going to happen! Once we have a group of trained ride leaders, BRBC will be able to host more rides, and events related to cycling.

There seems to be some misconceptions, or erroneous information about the club I’d like to clear up.

First, the BRBC is not an LLC, and there hasn’t been an effort to move the club in that direction while I’ve been on the board, moving the BRBC to an LLC is not on the board’s radar. The BRBC is a 501 (c)(4), plain and simple, and our status has no bearing on ride leaders, ride organizers, etc.

Second, the BRBC is 100% about riding bikes, but it’s difficult to host club rides when we don’t have trained ride leaders. We can point fingers all day about the reasons for not having more ride leaders, but in truth the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the board. As you can see, from above, we’re going to change that now! I hope as many people as possible will take the course even if you don’t want to be a ride leader now, but think you might like to try it in the future.


2015 – Board of Directors
The following members were elected to BRBC’s Board of Directors for 2015-2016:

Herb Sumrall, Jr. – President (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=144)
Kathy Constantin – Treasurer (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=134)
Terri Collins – Recording Secretary (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=1525)
Lynn Johnson – Membership Chairman (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=2046)
Bruce Wickert – Ride Chairman (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=136)
Tony Boudreau – Publicity Chairman (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=1918)
Mike Constantin – Advocacy Chairman (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=2049)
Mike Rourke – Member At Large (http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com/?p=2052)

Board members have been charged with creating committees to assist with their duties. If you feel you can contribute, please contact the board member that will put your talents to best use. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you get a call to volunteer from a board member. Remember, we all ride further drafting than we do riding solo.


Rides & Events

** Check the BRBC web site calendar for more details about the rides & events listed below.
Tour du Cafe
Jackson Ride
Tour du Cafe
City Park Century
(2nd Annual)
Tour du Cafe
Pine Grove Ride
(using newly paved roads)
Tour du Cafe
Clinton Market Day Ride
Tour du Cafe

No Such Thing As Impossible® Bike Ride St. Francsiville (http://www.wheelstosucceed.org)

St. Francisville Ride
Tour du Cafe

Doyle Bayou Ride
(ride leader needed)
Tour du Cafe

Erwinville Ride
Tour du Cafe

Clinton Market Day Ride
Tour du Cafe

Jackson Ride
(ride leader needed)
Tour du Cafe

Red Bug Hill Challenge St. Francisville (http://www.redbughill.com)


Weekend Rides – February 7-8, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Join us for the monthly Market Day ride from Clinton. Ride starts from the Breath of Life Full Gospel church parking lot (one block south of the courthouse square where the market takes place). Expect a “B” pace (16-18 average) however there may be a C group as well, as this is not quite as hilly as a St. Francisville ride. We are rolling at 8:30, since it will be warmer than it’s been, with high 40’s at the start, warming to the mid 60s.
We will use new versions of the Clinton Spinout Map Rev 2 with lengths of 22, 31, 49, and 59 miles. Maps available at the ride start, or visit the yahoo group for an advanced copy.


This will be a no drop ride, and faster riders will wait at corners so others will not miss a turn. There is a store along 49 and 52 mile routes at Darlington (LA-10 just before LA-448)

If you need help getting to Clinton, follow the map from I-10/12 split. Turn left just before the Valero convenience store to bypass market day traffic. This is Jackson St.

http://goo.gl/maps/c9O52 (https://webmail.east.cox.net/do/redirect?url=http%253A%252F%252Fgoo.gl%252Fmaps%252Fc9O52)
225.963.8616 (tel:225.963.8616) voice or text

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Join us for the Sunday version of the Tour du Café, weather permitting

Ride starts from the Broadmoor Methodist Parking lot (Molylea @ Sharp) at 11:00 for 40 miles. (We meet in the south side of the parking lot near the 2 story Adult Education Building.)

I will be on the green bike, in the back of the white Honda pickup truck, parked somewhere along the tree line, if I don’t ride the bike from Chez Conestoga.
The group picks up riders at Goodwood Park at 11:30 for 30 miles.

The group picks up still more riders at the City Park Tennis Center at Noon for 20 miles.

This is a no drop ride with a C pace (10-15 MPH but no faster than the slowest rider). It is also known for its teachable moments, as many times less experienced riders will be able to learn from the more experienced participants. No classroom or test, but wouldn’t you like to learn how to avoid a crash, or change a flat quickly?

The group normally stops several times, including BRBeach, Farr Park trailhead, and a stop downtown for coffee or other refreshments.

Come spend a relaxing afternoon with us on the bike!


2015 Membership – Renew or Join NOW!

It’s time to renew your BRBC membership for 2015. Dues are $25.00 per individual membership. Sorry, we’re not offering a family membership for 2015 as it really didn’t offer any additional benefits for the extra $10.00 the club was charging. So if you’re the head of household, one membership gives you, and your family the same benefits that an individual receives, most notably one vote per membership (family memberships in the past only had one vote).

Don’t forget, your BRBC membership also gets you discounts on accessories at most local bike stores (for a list of participating local bike stores see our website), but to get your discount you will need to show your membership card. Membership cards will be sent to you electronically via Eventbrite  .

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