Hot Dog ride of the 4th of July

Because of the successful turn out for the Steak and Ride we are doing it again!  From Farr Park we will be riding (route undetermined) maybe to different routes.
Ride time will be about 9 AM.  One down the levee through town and around the lakes and campus and the second route down River Road to Alligator Bayou and back.  The club will be providing the Hot Dogs, Beer, soda and water.

We request that you bring a small side dish. This is for club members only. You can sign up via our website with Pal Pal or Visa. $5.00 per year membership.

See ya’ there!

One thought on “Hot Dog ride of the 4th of July

    <b class="fn">Nnacy Kuhlmeier</b> <span class="says">says:</span>

    How do you want RSVP’s? Facebook, here…wasn’t sure. My hubby and I are new members this year and haven’t made many rides, but we plan to be at Hot Dog Ride. I’ll bring homemade salsa w/ chips.

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