2015 Rite of Passage Ride – Updated With Date!

Before The Cheer…
New Year’s Eve*.

(*That’s December 31st incase you’re wondering.)

Ride out the old year with the annual Rite of Passage ride.

All is coming together for the year end Rite of Passage Ride, and you need to be there with your cycling friends to toast another year of cycling.  Cool with a chance of rain is the early forecast (48 degree start warming to 60) but this is a RAIN or SHINE ride.
Ride follows the same course as last year, (and most previous years), and we will ride out as a group at 9 AM until Easleyville at a conversational pace no faster than the slowest rider including C paced riders. (First 7 miles).  At the Hatfield store, we split into two routes, and the pace of your choice (A, B, or C) for the rest of the ride.  C pace is 10-15, B is 16-18, and A is 19 and beyond.
Short ride is 19 miles, and turns at LA-38 to return to Greensburg via LA-441 and LA-10
Long ride is 35 miles, and continues on LA-43 to Gilsburg MS, then returns via LA-441 Easleyville to follow the short ride to Greensburg
Maps available at the start, route will NOT be marked.
After the ride there will be black eyed peas (for luck), cabbage (for money), and turkey and sausage gumbo (for sustenance), and any drinks or snacks you choose to bring.
Get there from Baton Rouge area one of two ways:
From I-10/12 split: http://goo.gl/maps/S6HRP  55 minutes or so
From Central area: http://goo.gl/maps/mwhZd  50 minutes or so, but watch your speed on LA-37.  45 MPH means 45 MPH.  You have been warned!
To get there from New Orleans or North Shore:
From I-12/I-55: http://goo.gl/maps/jhZcf
225.963.8616 voice or text

May it be a great one.