2017 Board Positions Available:




Recording Secretary

Membership Chairman

Ride Chairman

Publicity Chairman

Advocacy Chairman

At-Large Directors



Eligibility: To be eligible for nomination, nominee must be a current paid member as of August 16, 2016.  This is to meet requirement of the bylaws.  Membership status will be verified. Nominees will be notified and must agree to accept the nomination in order to be on ballot. It is possible to nominate yourself! To be eligible to nominate someone else or to vote, you must be a current paid member as of nomination or election dates.


How to nominate: Current members will be sent an email with the nomination email address. Send your email with nominee name, email, and/or phone number within the nomination period (see important dates below). To nominate, you must be a current paid member. Nomination must be accepted by nominee.


Voting: This will be held electronically for a 15 day period (see important dates below).  Details and access will be sent to current paid members at the time of election.


Important Dates: calendar worthy!

Oct 29 (Sat) Nominations open, noon

Nov 11 (Fri) Nominations close, midnight

Nov 16 (Wed) Elections open, noon

Nov 30 (Wed) Elections close, midnight


Your BRBC membership is tied to your member email address. Review it regularly for announcements, new info, & election progress.

Click the link below to review the responsibilities of the officers: