Solo Rider Needs A Good Baton Rouge Welcome!

Good morning fellow cyclists!

Per the request of Terence Liszewski, we are sharing the following information with you in the hopes that there is anyone who would like to join Thomas Pitman in his efforts to raise awareness for mental health by accompanying him on his journey through the Baton Rouge area.

Mr. Liszewski states that “My buddy, Thomas Pitman, is riding solo across the US to raise awareness for mental health. He is currently half way in East Texas. I checked up on him yesterday and asked him if anyone had ridden with him. His answer was a disappointing no. Part of his route passes through Baton Rouge. I was wondering if a few of your members could ride with him part of the way for some morale support. If you think that is possible let me know and I can put you in touch with him. I’ve attached a link with information about his ride If anyone would like to ride with him they can email him to see exactly where he will be at the following address:

Thank you and safe riding!!

Baton Rouge Bike Club

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