The Chicken Ride – August 11, 2012

When: August 11, 2012
Time: 11:30
Where: Farr Park
What: I would like to invite you and the biking community to a BBQ chicken lunch
and a Town Hall Meeting concerning Bike Safety and the future of biking in East
Baton Rouge.

Many of you know that I am running Baton Rouge Metro Council and my passion is
bike riding. My campaign is sponsoring this event and my good friend and mayoral
candidate Mike Walker will be with us for lunch and the Town Hall Meeting.

It is my understanding that Baton Rouge Bike club will have an A group B group
and a C group ride starting out of Farr Park that morning and ending in time for
lunch. I plan on riding with the C group.

If you could plan on being with us and giving both Mike and myself your in put
is will be appreciated.

Please RSVP
Buddy Amoroso

Even though some of us belong to the BRBC, this ride is not affiliated with the Baton Rouge Bike Club or any other club or organization. The ride leader is not responsible for any mishaps. Even though it is not a law, it is highly suggested to wear a helmet.  However, If riding at night, it is a law to have a back red light and a front white light.  Please bring your cell phone, if you have one, and trade cell phone numbers with the ride leader, together with a couple of other people on the ride. We will make every effort to keep the group together. If you don’t know the route, please let the ride leader know so he or she can explain the route to you or pair you with someone in the group of your similar pace that knows the route.